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We are Monique and Josh, the dynamic duo behind ‘It Took Two’! We have seen our fair share of successes, blunders, and all other kinds of adventures. Instead of letting those mistakes keep us down or dampen our spirit–we choose to embrace these moments as learning experiences that’ll help shape us into the dreamers we aspire to be. Join us on a wild journey as we try to achieve our dreams!

Josh is a truly remarkable person. He is incredibly compassionate and adventurous, always looking for new and exciting ways to make an impact on the world. His passion for helping those in need is evident in his work with underprivileged communities, as well as through his creative projects like our retrofitted school bus. He also loves to take risks, which has driven him to become an expert at calculating probabilities in his head while playing poker. Josh’s competitive spirit doesn’t stop there; he’s also an avid disc golf player and enjoys playing in some amateur tournaments every year. Even when the weather turns cold, he won’t let a little snow stop his game – although it may cost him a few discs here and there! All these qualities combined make Josh a unique individual who will continue striving to do great things no matter what comes his way.

Who would’ve thought that Josh, the guy who used to just change out lightbulbs around the house, has now completed several epic conversions? After investing nine months of weekends transforming an old schoolbus into something amazing, he continued honing his skills working for a stunning company in Boulder. Even more impressive was taking on one final project – turning an ordinary truck into something truly beautiful! Three full months later…voila! His most breathtaking build yet 🙂

I am quite the opposite of my amazing hubby. I focussed on my studies and my adventures generally extended as far as reading the Hardy Boy book series, the whole series, twice, maybe three times! I currently work as a Project Coordinator, a job that has allowed me to delve into UX/UI design, something I am quickly finding might be the job that will bring me joy. I relish any opportunity that allows me to create digital designs, but as a newbie in the industry, I will absolutely require several more years to hone my skills, something I look forward to! Our builds have allowed me to infuse some of my own creativity and problem-solving and as a bonus, I even learned how to use some tools!

Misty the Pup has been a part of our family for three years, and boy does she know how to liven up any moment! She’s got her picky pallet but we don’t mind–Her adorable expressions make it all worthwhile. And you’ll never spot Misty on a lap — this lady is strictly all dog-dog with an affinity for snow rolling and rolling herself in some good ol’ horse manure (Mommy & Daddy does not appreciate it!). If companionship had fur, that would be Misty! We are thankful every day to have such a pawsome pup as ours.

We are quite the ordinary couple, I think! Social media is not our forte, but as proud graduates of YouTube University (#winkwink) we wanted to give back to the community that gave us so much. Follow us on this 3 month journey – it’s sure to have all sorts of unexpected twists and turns that each deserves an applause or two. Plus… we might even share some secrets along the way. So buckle up – let’s do this thing! 


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