Blog 3: Our First Night on the Road: A Memorable Journey Begins!

Blog 3: Our First Night on the Road, a Memorable Journey Begins! March 5th, 2023 We did it! Two days on the road and we haven’t forgotten a single thing – including my beloved runners. To be honest, I thought when we hit 5 minutes down that road away from home, some wizardly force would […]

Blog 2: Trip Preparation

Blog 2: Trip Preparation 2/3/2023 We’re almost there! After 4 months of preparation, we’ve finally finished building our amazing box truck – the result of an epic journey filled with lots (and lots) of different vehicles. From schoolbuses to trailers, 1970’s RV and beyond – it’s been quite the ride! But through all these trials […]

Blog 1: Embarking on our test trip

Blog 1: Embarking on our Test Trip February 5th, 2023 Before heading out on the open road in our boxtruck, now converted RV, we wanted to test our luck by taking a test trip. We had seen too many videos where the journey started off badly with things going awry, like smoke billowing from the […]