Blog 3: Our first Night on the road, a memorable Journey begins!

March 5th, 2023

Hello! My name is Monique! As an aspiring blog writer, I strive to offer a unique and quirky perspective on all my travel journeys.

We did it! Two days on the road and we haven’t forgotten a single thing – including my beloved runners. To be honest, I thought when we hit 5 minutes down that road away from home, some wizardly force would make me remember something incredibly important left behind but luuuuckily not this time (thank goodness for those lists!) Now let’s just keep crossing our fingers and hoping nothing else slips through the cracks in our planning. 

As a matter of fact, talk about overpacking! At first, you think it’s necessity–but before you know it, our truck is bursting with stuff that just doesn’t matter in the end. The takeaway? Choose each item wisely and remember how blessed we all really are when there is so little required to feel contented. We could definitely benefit from taking a step back once in awhile and being present enough to see what life can offer without those physical things weighing us down (literally!).

After saying goodbye to the stunning landscapes of Colorado, we jet-set our way into Kansas then Oklahoma! Our first night was below freezing and brought with it small snowflakes but never fear – enter trusty diesel heating system that kept us nice & warm. Hubby started his day off right by scraping off the solar panels while I whipped up a delicious breakfast: eggs ‘n’ bacon makes for a hearty meal when you get them in nature’s kitchen! Now onwards – more outdoor exploration awaits as my heart is set on embracing even more outside adventures!

After a delicious breakfast, I set out to drive our trusty steed for the very first time! It was quite an experience to get used to – three whole hours across wide open roads of Kansas. The wind made its presence known more than expected (fortunately there wasn’t too much of it), and semis seemed determined to give me some space as they hugged their lanes when passing by. Despite all that, I managed meet one new friend along this journey: Mr Fedex Ground who kept a respectable speed while we were driving right behind him for two and half hours. I kept a keen eye on his skilful manoeuvres as semis passed him and wind gusts were thrown his way, like he was giving a driving lesson or something haha!

When passing another semi, it’s like being caught in a gust of wind tussling us back and forth! I was determined to keep our vehicle on the road – my poor hubby gripping his seat with all might trying not to have a heart attack. But you know what? Despite going slightly off course over some bumpy terrain (whoops!), I managed to get us safely into our lane all without any wild driving. Now that’s something worth celebrating!

With a gleaming smile, I looked over to my husband and said: “Some guys may think that women can’t handle big-rigs like this one – but they haven’t seen me in action yet. Just imagine! It’s going to be hilarious watching their faces light up (or drop!) when they realize it was me driving this beastly black hung of metal!”

Kansas here we come! After a 3-hour journey, our disc golf adventure began with an incredible course that had us feeling the excitement. Even though winter meant dry grass, there were still some fun little surprises in store for Josh who was thrilled to play – and Misty & I got to enjoy the fresh air while stretching out our legs. Each hole brought something new as they’d cleverly placed baskets over rivers or behind trees… up hills and down them too! Truly unbeatable form of exercise + entertainment = perfection 

Our camping spot for the night was serene and peaceful – especially since the birds entertained us with a gleeful chorus throughout the evening. Misty loves exploring her new environments off leash with newfound enthusiasm; taking part in olfactory overload as she scampers around smelling whatever catches her nose first. For dinner I whipped up something special – sweet & sour tortillas with a twist: pineapple! That’s right, us daring folk aren’t afraid to take risks by adding this amazing fruit into our meals (screw American opinions!), which absolutely made these tacos incredible…especially when you compare them to Hawaiin pizzas that include pineapple – double yes there!

South Africans have a deep-rooted appreciation for one of nature’s sweetest gems! It stars in the most delightful dishes – from classic carrot salads to hearty sweet potato bakes. Don’t shy away from this scrumptiously spiky delight: unleash its wondrous sweetness and let your taste buds indulge!

After a day of adventure, what better way to wind down than with some movies and cuddles? It’s all about getting the perfect balance – living life to its fullest outside while appreciating cozy nights in.

Tomorrow, we explore Emporia Country Club – one of the world’s greatest disc golf courses. We may look like a couple outfitted from ‘Brooks Brothers’ with our collared shirts and all – but don’t let appearances deceive you, this is no ordinary course. I’m excited to see what wild surprises await us on this adventure. Throughout the process of packing for our trip, Josh would “give me the eye” when reviewing the things I packed, but when packing his disc golf bag, all his beloved discs made it on the trip, no slimming down here! So perhaps I slipped in some gems he didn’t see, but when he found the chocolate chip cookies, he certainly did not complain. And if that wasn’t enough excitement – get ready because tomorrow I finally have permission to drive a GOLF CART…whoop whoop! No carrying disc golf bags for me. Let the good times roll!!

What an adventure we’re having! We’ve been road-tripping across the USA and have already discovered so many amazing spots – from the best disc golf courses to Puppy coming along for a ride. She was certainly ready for her first long trip, she especially loves it when we get out of the truck at every stop (she must think it’s some kind of game!). It’s really made us love our pup even more than ever before.


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