Blog 4: Kansas to Oklahoma

March 4th, 2023

Hello! My name is Monique! As an aspiring blog writer, I strive to offer a unique and quirky perspective on all my travel journeys.

Get ready for an exciting adventure in Emporia, Kansas as we take a tour of the Jones Supreme Disc Golf Course. Recently Josh had the opportunity to play on the same course used during the 2022 World Championship, and the experience was nothing short of thrilling. Despite the challenging winds, Josh had a blast teeing off at this renowned course, located in a state that may surprise you with its impressive disc golf game. So, if you’re ready to discover the excitement of disc golf in Kansas, join us as we explore the Jones Supreme Disc Golf Course.

We were planning to zoom through Kansas faster than a sneeze in a hurricane! We only had two days and one night to spare before diving into Oklahoma. Why the rush, you might ask? Josh had some stunning family friends in Oklahoma that I was dying to meet! Over the years I had heard stories of their family, lots of kids, lots of love, lots of embarrassment and lots of joy! I couldn’t wait to stop at the house bursting at the seams with “live, love, life”, hehe. 

Our first stop in Oklahoma was in Guthrie. We threw ourselves into the heart of Guthrie, admiring the stunning Victorian architecture, eventhough it had been worn through the years. And we didn’t stop there – we were unleashed into Edmond and beyond, exploring every nook and cranny. But the real icing on the cake was meeting some of Josh’s family friends who call Oklahoma their home. Seriously, folks, these people are the real deal. Our trip through the Midwest has been an absolute blast, and Oklahoma has gifted us with memories to last a lifetime!

We started off with a feast fit for a king with some of the funniest folks I’ve ever met. Seriously, my cheeks hurt from laughing so much! But that wasn’t enough. No, no, no! We then hit the road to visit one of my main squeeze’s childhood homes. This man has lived in more places than I can count on my fingers and toes! It was like a blast from the past, driving past the the house where he used to eat cereal and watch Saturday morning cartoons. I was feeling like a real wifey, let me tell you!

Josh had some sweet childhood memories in Oklahoma that he wanted to revisit with me. Remember when life was all about adventure and magic? When we had the power of unending imagination and the world was our playground? Well, fear not my friends! Get ready to step into your tiny human shoes once again and journey through a world where pain is almost unheard of and love is in the air. We’ll explore majestic castles and unbeatable challenges that always end in a happy ending. These little humans really are something special. They see wonder in everything and have a pure innocence that us grown-ups can only hope to achieve. Join me as we take a walk down memory lane with Josh and rediscover the beauty of being little again.

Josh and his brother used to catch fish in a nearby pond and get all muddied up – they were the barefoot brothers, always exploring the great outdoors and hanging out with critters. So we took a drive down memory lane and Josh showed me some of his old stomping grounds, including his childhood home and the infamous pond. It was like stepping into a magical time machine and witnessing the joy of being a kid again. 

After soaking in the hospitality of Josh’s family friends and getting a blast from the past, we hit the dusty trail to the Lone Star State. We were beyond amped to trade in our winter coats for some sunshine and southern charm. This trip has been like a box of chocolates – sweet as can be and full of unforgettable experiences. We can’t wait to see what Texas has in store for us!

Josh was king of the road for the first leg of our adventure, taking charge like a pro while we basked in the beauty of the forest. But as soon as we made our first pit stop, I eagerly hopped into the driver’s seat, ready for my own turn at the wheel. And boy, did I feel like a boss.

Despite the narrow roads and whizzing semis, I steered our way through without scratching a single curb. Our country cruise turned into a nightmare as we approached the Texas border. Concrete barriers and traffic engulfed us, turning my once joyous smile into a grim stare. It was like driving through a never-ending obstacle course, with semis boxing us in and bumps sending chills up our spines.

But just when we thought we couldn’t take it anymore, a gust of wind magically cleared the way, revealing roads free of barriers. We couldn’t have been happier to leave that construction zone behind, and our lungs let out a triumphant cheer (which was probably louder than the engine). Good riddance, concrete walls – we’re free at last!

What a wild ride! Just when we thought we could take a moment to appreciate the journey we turned on a dinky farm road and a little creature crossed our path. I mean, who designs these farm roads anyway? They’re like an obstacle course for vehicles. But it was all worth it to make sure that snapping turtle got safely to the other side. I may have aged ten years in those few moments of panic, but I’m just happy we didn’t turn that turtle into a speedbump. Time for a break, I need to recover from this adventure.

I was sweating like a politician in a lie detector test when I handed the wheel to Josh, but boy, was I relieved! The Lone Star state sure knows how to do things big, and construction was no exception. The concrete barriers seemed to stretch on forever, and I was one nail-biting experience away from hiding under the covers! Thank goodness for my amazing hubby. The way he drives our big rig with such confidence in any situation is like watching poetry in motion – except with a lot more horsepower!

Hey you, my road-tripping amigo! Thanks for sticking around on this wild ride through the good ol’ US of A. We promise to keep the fun and laughter coming, as we navigate the highs and lows of life on the road. Buckle up and hold on tight, because we’re just getting started with this crazy adventure!


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