Blog 6: Things to Do in Austin, TX

March 25th, 2023

Hello! My name is Monique! As an aspiring blog writer, I strive to offer a unique and quirky perspective on all my travel journeys.

Blog 6: Things to do in Austin, TX

March 25th, 2023

Hello! My name is Monique! As an aspiring blog writer, I strive to offer a unique and quirky perspective on all my travel journeys.

Boy oh boy, have we found a gem! Austin, Texas has blown us away with its colorful cityscape and lively locals. We were bouncing off the walls with excitement to explore all this hoppin’ city had to offer – and our furry friend Misty was definitely in on the fun too! This little diva strutted her stuff through the streets, leading us on a wild adventure. Grab your boots and saddle up, because we’re about to share all the shenanigans we got into during our 2-week stay in Austin!

Let me tell you about our wild night in Austin! We hit up 6th street, the place to be for all things nightlife. We even stumbled upon Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership, but unfortunately, our wallets weren’t ready for those steep ticket prices during opening week ($300-ish per ticket, thankfully the prices are much more affordable after opening week). But fear not, my friends! Austin has more to offer than just pricey comedy shows. We found all sorts of amazing adventures and kept the party going all night long. Trust me, when it comes to fun in Austin, the possibilities are endless!

I had a breakfast experience that was wildly divine, when Josh took me to a place called Easy Tiger. Instead of being disturbed every few minutes with endless check-ins, we could chat in peace. All we needed was a QR code to view the menu and place our orders too! The food was so delicious, I could barely contain my bliss, I went for French toast with fresh fruit, while Josh had a tomato soup with a grilled cheese that was almost too good to miss! I never knew breakfast could be such a ball, Easy Tiger truly had it all!

Get ready to squeal with the ultimate cuteness overload! My furry friend Misty came with us on a kayaking adventure overlooking the beautiful Austin City Skyline! She looked absolutely adorable in her pupper lifejacket and was super excited as we hit the water. But watch out – Misty was a sassy little pup who loved to playfully gulp at the waves. I tried to tame her, but sometimes I couldn’t help but let out a scream. As we docked, Misty showed off her good behavior until she decided she had enough of the water and attempted a “puptacular” escape. Don’t worry, she was unharmed, but let’s just say she didn’t quite stick the landing. This paw-some adventure was definitely one to remember with some hilarious moments to boot.

Ticket prices: $25 per kayak 

In Austin, we witnessed the city’s famous bat migration, which was a must-see for me as bats hold a special place in my heart. When I was younger, I stumbled upon a tiny bat in a sink at a South African campsite. It had a plug on its head which broke my heart. I picked it up with two sticks and placed it high up in a tree, hoping it would be safe. From that moment, I have developed a fondness for these adorable-winged creatures who may look scary but are actually quite charming.

As the sun began to set, we made our way to the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge – eager to witness an incredible spectacle. We waited in anticipation as the sky grew darker and finally, as stars twinkled above us, the bats emerged. These tiny creatures, barely visible in the fading light, took to the skies in droves, creating a mesmerizing dance with their wings. Despite their diminutive size, they commanded our attention with their graceful movements and we were left in awe of their beauty.

Ticket prices: Free

Oh my gosh, you won’t believe the Capitol Building in Austin! It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. And trust me, coming from South Africa, where government buildings are about as exciting as a bowl of plain oatmeal, this was truly a sight to behold. The finishings were top-notch, and I was so impressed that I even took a picture of the hinges. Yes, the hinges! That’s how breathtakingly detailed this place was. And don’t even get me started on the upkeep – this building was in pristine condition. And when we went up the stairs, let’s just say Josh was a little nervous, but also kind of living for the thrill of it. He kept looking down even though he’s scared of heights, just to get a rush. It was kind of hilarious, honestly. But seriously, if you’re ever in Austin, you have to go check out this building. And the best part? Free tours! Can’t beat that.

Ticket prices: Free self-guided tours

I had high hopes for our visit to the Zilker botanical gardens, but alas, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Instead of the luxurious, exotic garden I had imagined, it felt more like an oversized backyard with a few flowers and trees scattered about. Needless to say, I was thoroughly disappointed. While it was nice to get some fresh air and take a leisurely stroll around the park, the lackluster displays left me feeling underwhelmed. Thankfully, our next stop at the nearby Costco was much more thrilling – now that’s my idea of a good time!

Ticket prices: $8 per person 

Well let me tell ya, our final night in Austin was one for the books! We headed on over to the infamous Esther’s Follies comedy club and boy, oh boy, did we have a blast! This cozy little establishment had us in stitches with their hilarious comedy sets, complete with singing, dancing, and enough political jokes to make our sides hurt. And to add a little bit of magic to the mix? They threw in some mind-blowing tricks that had us scratching our heads and wondering if we had just witnessed actual magic. Let’s just say, Esther’s Follies is the place to be if you’re looking for a good time and some serious entertainment.

Ticket prices: $40 per person 

As much as I love moseying around and exploring new places, there comes a time when we all gotta make some dough to keep the adventure going. So, in between all of the epic rounds of disc golf and family hangs in Austin, I clocked in some solid work time. And now, as I bid farewell to this awesome city, I’m stoked to kick off the next leg of our journey through sunny south Texas. Keep up with us, who knows what kind of wild and wacky stuff we’ll get into next!


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