Josh, Monique and Misty at Magnolia Beach

Blog 7: San Antonio And The Serene Texas Coast

March 29th, 2023


Hello! My name is Monique! As an aspiring blog writer, I strive to offer a unique and quirky perspective on all my travel journeys.

Blog 7: San Antonio and the Serene Texas Coast

March 29th, 2023

Hello! My name is Monique! As an aspiring blog writer, I strive to offer a unique and quirky perspective on all my travel journeys.

Josh, Monique and Misty at Magnolia Beach

It’s time for my final love letter to Texas! Come with me on a wild ride as we explored the historic city of San Antonio, filled with tourist hotspots just waiting to be discovered! And let’s not forget about our magical boondocking spot on the beach in Port Lavaca – talk about a slice of heaven! After some much-needed R&R, we hit up Corpus Christi for a quick refuel and got down to business with some chores before heading to New Mexico. Austin stole our hearts, but San Antonio – you’re giving it a run for its money!

The sun was beating down on us as we pulled into San Antonio in the late afternoon. We were all feeling a little hot and bothered, but there was no time to waste as the first activity on our list was the famous river walk! Misty, the adventurer pooch, was practically leaping out of the car to discover a new place and make her sniffs. The river walk was everything we hoped it would be and more, with stores and restaurants wedged into every possible space. We timed our arrival to perfection, just as the live music began and the crowds started to gather. The energy was infectious and we couldn’t help but feel excited to be part of it all. As we strolled along, we stopped at an ice cream shop for milkshakes and treated Misty to a big dollop of cream. She savored every lick, her nose twitching with the new scents around her. It was the perfect start to our San Antonio adventure!

As the sun rose on our daring adventure, we felt our nerves tingling with excitement. We were about to embark on the ultimate test of our courage and agility – a high ropes course at Twisted Trails! Strapped securely into our harnesses, we set out to conquer the twisting jungle gym towering above us. With challenges like balancing on beams and hopping across stepping stones, we felt invincible. But then we reached the third level, and our bravado began to waver. The daunting zip lines awaited us, daring us to face our fear of heights. Heart racing, we took a deep breath before taking a leap of faith and soaring through the air. As we landed triumphantly on solid ground, we knew that we had truly conquered our fears and emerged victorious. Or maybe we just looked ridiculous jumping off those high ramps – either way, it was a hilarious adventure.

We embarked on a journey to conquer the epic Helotes Hill Country Zip line disc golf course! For only $7 per player, we were living the high (and low) life with mountain shots, valley dips, and tricky tree challenges. Misty even braved the daunting wooden bridge that bounced and bobbed like a hula dancer, while Josh soared like an eagle through the course. Vitamin D and exercise were aplenty, as we basked in the beauty of the countryside. It was a memorable adventure that left us feeling accomplished and exhilarated!

Oh my green tea, we ventured to the Japanese Tea Gardens and my bonsai, it was breathtaking! The ponds were filled with more fish than a sushi restaurant, and the bridges resembled a picturesque Disney film. It was so picturesque that I couldn’t resist taking a ton of photos myself. Duck, duck, koi! We had a quacking good time!

Next stop, the Witte museum! They had a special Antarctic dinosaur exhibition on display that I keen to see. Along with getting to have a look into our ancient history, viewing the bones of magnificent creatures that long ago roamed the earth, we also got to read up on some of the animals found in different parts of the USA. A good history refresher for Josh and a good opportunity for me to learn about some of the animals I am not as familiar with. We both enjoyed looking at the museum and its exhibits. 

Oh my gosh, I stumbled upon a Mexican market that made my heart sing! The Historic Market Square had me in shock and awe with their bright colors and unique handmade items. I felt like I was in a South African flea market, but with a spicy Mexican twist! The embroidered clothing, handmade leather goods, and vibrant decorations were a feast for my eyes. It was like a match made in heaven, with each color complementing the next in a chaotic yet beautiful way. Trust me, I couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of this cultural experience!

Well folks, we ventured off to The Alamo and let me tell you, it’s not your typical city sightseeing. I mean who would’ve thought a historic building would be smack dab in the middle of a bustling city? But let me fill you in on some history. This place holds huge importance in Texas history, as it was the site of a major battle during the Texas Revolution in 1836. A group of Texan soldiers, led by Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie, stood their ground against the Mexican army for a whopping 13 days. And get this – they were hugely outnumbered! But alas, they were eventually defeated and killed. Their bravery is still honored to this day as a symbol of standing up against the man. Overall, it was a surreal experience to visit such a monumental place.

Sayonara San Antonio and hello Port Lavaca! Our next adventure took us to Magnolia Beach, a boondocking site you definitely need to check out when you’re in the area. As we arrived, the sun abandoned us and left us with moody clouds and slow-moving waves. But that didn’t stop us from having an amazing time on the beach. Misty, our furry travel companion, was in her element! Her eyes sparkled with joy as she ran towards the sand and water. She jumped into the waves, barking with excitement and tasting the salty sea, to our unamusement. Luckily, we found her a squeaky tennis ball for just $3, and that kept her entertained for hours. As the night fell, we drifted off to sleep, lulled by the sound of the waves. We spent our days chilling out and breathing in the salty air. It was one of those travel experiences you never forget.

We had a wild ride in Corpus Kristi, where the wind had a vendetta against our home on wheels. Our trusty box was tossed around like a ragdoll by the gusts of wind, making us thankful for our seatbelts. Josh was a driving superhero, using every bit of his energy to keep us safe on the road. After surviving the winds, we decided to rest up with a splash in a KOA pool and some laundry – because even road warriors need clean clothes. With our batteries recharged, we were ready to tackle whatever New Mexico could throw at us.


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