Blog 2: Trip Preparation

February 3rd, 2023

Hello! My name is Monique! As an aspiring blog writer, I strive to offer a unique and quirky perspective on all my travel journeys.

We’re almost there! After 4 months of preparation, we’ve finally finished building our amazing box truck – the result of an epic journey filled with lots (and lots) of different vehicles. From schoolbuses to trailers, 1970’s RV and beyond – it’s been quite the ride! But through all these trials & tribulations (not to mention plenty o’ skill-building!), here we are today: ready for that big trip we’ve waited so long for. Now let’s hit the road already; adventure awaits!


After months of hard work turning our box truck into a rolling home, we were in the homestretch for setting out on an epic 3-month road trip! But that didn’t mean all the planning was over — there was still plenty to do before hitting the open highway. With some tricky logistics such as where to stop and how often, it looked like mission impossible at first… until we figured out a plan: Spend 6 days per week camping off public land with one day dedicated just for taking care of showers and laundry necessities – phew! And soon enough we had mapped out three amazing months ahead!


We’ve laid out the major stops on our road trip, making sure we don’t miss any of those awesome disc golf parks or cool sights. For each week of the journey, can you believe it? -we map things down to where we’ll be staying and doing laundry; finding Planet Fitness centers  and spots with good cell signal so I can attend work meetings…even though that might sound like overkill at first, being flexible is key: If something totally rocks us then we stay longer than anticipated-and if not then no worries ’cause there are plenty more amazing places up ahead!

The first app we are using on our journey is Roadtrippers. Make your wanderlust dreams come true with Roadtrippers! RoadTrippers offers a free version that will let you plot out your journey with up to FIVE stops in the route!

It’s the ultimate lifehack for nomads who thrive on adventure. Save money and time by using this awesome tool to create an incredible, custom-made roadtrip itinerary – no matter if you’re a short trip or long haul kind of traveler. Get access to exclusive features like 150 stops per trip, must-see spot recommendations along your route and pre-crafted guides, plus don’t worry about getting lost in data black spots either because maps can be downloaded offline too! For only $29.99/yr there’s never been an easier way to plan our epic journey! 

Finding the perfect campsite has never been easier with Dyrt! No more scouring through Google maps or going on a wild goose chase; this app is complete life-saver. Not only can you find awesome boondocking spots, it also comes with an exclusive offer if you get the pro version ($35/year)! You’ll even be able to tell what kind of cell signal quality other campers experienced which will make planning meetings from unfamiliar locations super simple and stress free – talk about camping convenience at its finest.

Trekkers, you’re in luck! We’ve got a fantastic resource to make your roadtrips even more memorable: Campendium! With an extensive library of free camping spots for boondockers galore and helpful information about pad conditions, reviews, pictures and available amenities – it’s like having the best travel buddy you could ever imagine. So what are ya waitin’ for? Hit those open roads with confidence using Campendium as your trusty sidekick.

Ready to hit the open road? Before you go, let’s chat about how awesome memberships can be when planning your long-haul adventure! They’ll make sure you have all of the essentials for an unforgettable journey

We’re suiting up with our new Planet Fitness BLACK CARD® MEMBERSHIP. Not only will it save us from having to do too much greywater dumping on the road – but two can travel as one with this membership; bringing a guest whenever and wherever you like across the US of All for just one price tag. How awesome is that?

We’ve been planning our epic cross country adventure, and we definitely have not skimped on the fun! We’ll be visiting a ton of National Parks along the way – so it’s no surprise that to save money (and sanity!) we picked up an Annual Park Pass. Now let there be wallet-friendly exploration wherever we go!

Researching our road trip wifi needs was a serious mission – thank goodness! We decided to make T-Mobile and Verizon the official providers of this awesome journey. My hubby got a brand new phone so we can take amazing photos for you guys, while I snapped up that cute little Verizon dongle. 

On our test drive, it worked even in Cotopaxti which is basically middle-of-nowhere land – winning!! So far things have been looking great with these two networks…stay tuned for updates as the adventure starts rolling out!

Our upcoming trip is gonna be epic, and there’s no way we’re hitting the road without stashing some crucial items in our bags! Let’s chat about what must-haves will make this journey one to remember.


We’re fully prepped for our wilderness adventure! We’ve got a med kit from Amazon stocked with all the basics, plus iBuprofen and Advil to deal with aches and pains, Tums in case – even multivitamins so that no matter what happens on this journey into nature, at least we’ll be totally nourished!

Have you ever been on a summer adventure and gotten so wrapped up in the amazing experiences that you forget to protect yourself from UVA, UVB – AND bugs?! We’ve all had those moments. To make sure we never miss out on outdoor fun again, Banana Boat sunscreens are our go-to allies! They’re not sticky (YAY!) but will keep us safe from any potential burning; just remember to grab some aloe vera for post-sun protection when your skin inevitably gets kissed by too much Vitamin D 😉

Our trusty roadtrippin steed is all serviced up, but we’re still making sure it’s in tip-top shape by checking the tire pressure and fluids. We’ll be covering some serious miles on our journey so an oil change will definitely be part of this epic trip!


Get ready for a wild, gaming adventure! We’ve got the all-important card games, jenga and code names. Then there’s Playstation – we brought preloaded favorites like ‘it takes two’ (an awesome game that brings out our teamwork skills) plus Unraveled One and Two to keep us entertained in the middle of nowhere with wolves howling. Oh yeah – and when it gets real spooky outside? Zombies from Call of Duty are here too…get hyped!


Thanks for joining us on our wild ride! We can’t wait to share even more of our experiences with you and help get your own awesome trip started. Let’s make some memories together!


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